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Refrigerant drying: Refrigerant drying cools the compressed air, whereby a large amount of the water condenses and can be separated. The compressed air is then heated so that condensation does not form on the outside of the pipe work system.

The compressed air cooling takes place, via a closed coolant system, where a refrigerant cooling agent is employed. CompAir uses environmentally friendly gasses for this. By cooling the compressed incoming air with the cooled outgoing air in the heat exchanger, the energy of the refrigerant dryer is reduced.

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CompAir Desiccant DryerDesiccant Drying: Desiccant drying works on the principle of absorption of water vapor through a bed of desiccant material, in a pair of chambers. Two types are used, heatless regenerative and heat regenerative. The heatless type uses a percentage of the dried air (purge), for re-generation of the desiccant material, while the heat regenerative type uses an electric heat disk, which reduces the amount of purge air needed for regeneration.

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Filters & Water Separators: Water Separators have been designed for the efficient removal of bulk liquid contamination from compressed air. Filters are used both prior to, and after compression. Filtering the intake air reduces the intake wear on the compressor by removing larger particles. During the compression air can be contaminated with oil (in oil lubricated machines) which is removed by filters. The filter efficiency is dependant on compressor type, age, design and condition. Filters are often setup in multistage. Fiber filters can only trap oil as droplets, while more efficient active carbon can trap oil as a vapor. We can help you select the right filters for your needs.

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Aftercoolers: Aftercoolers are a good first step in removing moisture and air contaminates. They lower the temperature to safe, usable levels, thus reducing the air's ability to hold water vapor, removing 70%. However the air is still saturated. A further drop in temperature will cause additional condensation to occur in downstream airlines.

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